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Kantan is an ancient Asian word meaning "simple" and "natural." While many schools practice high kicks, flashy moves or complex defenses, we strive instead to simplify everything, to make it as practical as possible. The foundations for this system were collected during the first half of this century by Roi Choi, an exiled Manchurian who traveled throughout China, Japan and Okinawa. In the 1960's, he transmitted this art to S.P. Sully, born in the Philippines of American parents. Sully continued the tradition, traveling throughout America and abroad during the 1970's. Eventually settling in North Carolina, he heads the main dojo there, a place called Kamiza. There he oversees a large school of over 150 students and several instructors.

The Dojo

Sensei Michael Andreas

Kantan-Kyo Jujutsu translates into English as "simple-teaching gentle-art." It is the first branch dojo of Kamiza. We have been training in Boise since October, 1994. A handful of dedicated students visit weekly for private instruction in the natural way. This training is five-fold, as symbolized in the Kantan emblem.

Self-Healing: Without the whole, calm self, an individual can never interact effectively with others. By whole, we mean a balanced integration of body, mind and spirit.

Communication: To circumvent conflict and promulgate good will, the artist must convey compassion and benevolence. This is an art, the art of expression.


Transportation: The first defense against any attack is to move out of the way. We practice walking, turning, falling, rolling, and getting back up.

Striking: When an attacker gets too close, we use strikes to repel the attacker and enable continued motion. We practice full-contact strikes with all parts of the body without injury to one's self.

Grappling: Sometimes an attacker will grab or pull the defender. For closer ranges, we practice a full array of joint locks, throws, drops, holds and chokes.

As for specific topics and techniques, we practice numerous physical, mental, and spiritual skills from the traditions of Chi Kung, Ch'uan Fa, Tae Kyon, Jujutsu and other Asian arts.


Classes and other activities are scheduled by appointment only. Membership is only $40 per month. No additional fees, no uniforms required. Space limited to a few dedicated students. Family and group discounts available. NO CONTRACTS!

For more information, call Mark at (208) 383-4184 or email info@kantankyo.com